Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Wayfarers - Style Urban, 70's style, with thick glasses frames, glasses frames, imitation tortoise-shell, sunglasses with colored lenses in intershot round John Lennon style sunglasses, aviator-style sunglasses - sports classic, sunglasses with large frames and glass - the hit of the season, an interesting spectacle, unusual design - the world's hottest designers of the proposal, sunglasses with white frames and sunglasses with a frame over the glass. Wayfarers of Ray-Ban is an urban classic, updated and in the new season. These sunglasses are classic black, retro or bright colors for the new season

Emporio Armani Ea 9532/s

The model Emporio Armani Ea 9532/s is also from the latest collection of Armani sunglasses models. The color schemes are black frame with gray lenses, which are absolutely making the model nice with shield shape. The sunglasses are created specially for men and the model is 2009. The size of the sunglasses model is 69-9-115 mm. Really nice model, with really god shape and style. The price of the model is about 300 USD, which is quite low for one brand sunglasses model, like Emporio Armani Ea 9532/s.

Emporio Armani Ea 9527/s

The men sunglasses Emporio Armani Ea 9527/s is one of the most beautiful. Very nice model for summer and Authum 2009. Emporio Armani are some of the best and most quality sunglasses for this season. Really the model is quite expensive - about 200-300 USD, but really think that this is perfect for all people. Emporio Armani Ea 9527/s has sizes 63-14-120 mm. Really amazing model in dark colors, looking very good. The design is from the collection of the designer of 2009.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Burberry BE 3026Q

Burberry 3026Q
When talking about beautiful fashion tips for sunglasses, I should tell that today I bought this model. This is really beautiful and fashion model for women and Burberry is brand, which is best known from many years. The model is with the following characteristics: Eye 01, Bridge 35 and temple 120. The model is sensitive and nice looking and with large number of colors, which can be found will stay perfectly on every face. The colours, which can be found are Brown frame with Brown Gradient lens, Gold frame with Brown Gradient lens and the one, which I bought is Grey Frame with Grey Gradient lens. The price of the model is about 220 USD, so this is not so expensive for high quality sunglasses, like this one. According to Beauty Zone magazine, the model Burberry BE 3026Q is among the most beautiful and most exciting fashion accessory for the season

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Some of not so popular sunglasses models is BCBG. In spite of this BCBG Sunglasses are as good and qualited as the EXTE, Gucci and Ray-ban models of sunglasses. BCBG Hope is one model, which is very high qualited and good looking, for low price, which will give to you high protection from the sunlight. You will be ahppy to own such sunglasses model, because BCBG Hope is the choice of many famous stars from music, movie and other sectors of entertainment. The model with pink color scheme is really made for ladies, with sensitive and beautiful faces. BCBG Hope is the model, which will underline your beauty and your nice features. You can buy this model for about 120 USD, which is pretty good price for so nice sunglasses.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gucci 2989S Strass

Gucci 2989S Strass
The models of Gucci Sunglasses for Women are well known all around the world. The one, which we are presenting in front of you is Gucci 2989S Strass, which is created especially for the girls, with sensitive and handsome faces. The model Gucci 2989S Strass can be found in different colour schemes, just like violet, pink, brown and yellow. The model is not so expensive, but the price is about 215.99 USD, which is pretty good price, but the model really cost its price. Gucci are offering really qualited sunglasses. And this on is definitely one of the best looking ones.

Juicy Couture Socialite Paladium

Juicy Couture Socialite Paladium
The model Juicy Couture Socialite Paladium is really interesting and good looking model of Juicy Couture Sunglasses. It is designed to be beautiful and proper for women and girls. The colours, which are offered are pink, violet and light blue. The best for this model is that it is very beautiful and good looking on almost each face, and the protection, which is giving to your eyes is perfect. The price of Juicy Couture Socialite Paladium is pretty good - only 92 USD, which is good price for high qualitied sunglasses. You can try this mpodel for you or make a gift to your friend. It is really nice and popular in various countries, just like - China, Japan and India.